The Elder Scrolls are a set of games so full and rich with lore, that no game can even possibly become close to that of the series. This section is a record of everything that has happened or is happening on the planet of Nirn. Subjects such as geography/cartography, history and religion are only a handful of the topics available here.

Table of ContentsEdit

  • Geography & History: This section includes the Tamrielic calendar and their holidays, a historical timeline (provided by the Imperial Library), and cartography and maps covering most of Nirn.
  • People & Society: This category covers the races of people found on Nirn (ancient and modern)a s well as the more prominent guilds and factions around Tamriel.
  • Language: This database contains more languages from the Elder Scrolls series then you probably even know exist. Some of the more prominent ones are Dwemer, Daedric and Ayleidic.
  • Religion/Mythology: This section describes the theology of the world of the Elder Scrolls series. It covers everything from the Nine Divines and the Daedra to Nordic religious beliefs.

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